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Welcome to Naija Business And Entrepreneurship Ideas Headquarters! We have what you need to start a business of your own to make your life more abundant and fulfilling. We have business ideas covering several fields from education through agriculture to manufacturing with a specialty in Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) . Here, you won’t find anything about oil rigs because it is not our specialization. But if you have a few hundreds of thousands of Naira or a couple of millions to invest we will be useful. There are even zero capital ideas.

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No Man Is Truly Free, Who Works For Another Man

No Man Is Truly Free, Who Works For Another Man

Profitable Businesses Everywhere, Start One And Be Free



I am Otunba Jide Omiyale, head of Jidol Consul ,the publisher of this site. Let us talk business because that is the only language we understand.

Why are we qualified to do that?

Well, I hold three degrees including an MBA and fellow of Chartered Institute of marketing having qualified as a chartered marketer from Berkshire, England since 1982. Have worked in top-of-the-shelf international and have been in management for more than 30 years.

Currently, I run a school, a farm in addition to running seminars on employment and consulting. Regularly I give lectures to Graduates on how to stand on their own.

I have decided to

How To Make Tons Of Money Auditing Banks Without Being An Accountant Or A Tax Consultant

You cannot believe how banks are ripping off people, especially the rich Illiterates. They overcharge them on COT, OD, VAT, interests, and so on.

How To Start A Bank With 500k

How To Start A Bank With 500k

Wait a minute. Before you accuse me of deception or even fraudulent claim, you will just have to listen to me and the only way to listen to me is to read till the end of this article. If at the end, you think I am not talking sense, then I accept all the insults you may hurl at me.

Yahoo’s Hidden Golden Nuggets Internet Marketers Ignore At Their Own Peril

Yahoo has in her bowel, golden nuggets that you can rely on to launch successful marketing campaign and  best of all, they are mostly free but surprisingly many marketers are undoing themselves by not availing themselves of these opportunities.

Yahoo is much more than email.  I had spent two years on the net before I knew that Yahoo is much more than hosting email and search engine and I know there are many in this shoe.

Professional marketers, many are who do not know how to exploit the marketing opportunities in Yahoo.

Swissgolden Is A Scam And It Is Proven Here.



Swissgolden is a scam as you will see presently.

Why would one need to introduce people to buy gold?

I mean, If I wanted to buy a Rolex wrist watch or a Mercedes Benz car, I do not need to prospect for people to introduce and pay some money. I only take my card, pay and expect delivery.

But Swissgolden

Businesses That Can Never Fail Even If You Try To IV


The T as you might have guessed is transportation.

As long as the trains are not there and the governments maintain their lackadaisical attitude to this sector, transportation business will be lucrative.

Businesses- transportation business

Businesses- transportation business

People have to commute, goods have to be moved. Cows have to come from the north to the south, palm oil have to get to the north.

The advantage this has over others is that you start making sales the very day you open shop.

The level of entry depends on the fund at your disposal.

Remember that Okada riding is a form of transportation. The big trailers moving cows from the North to the South are involved in Transportation.

Those using car boats to move people in Ilaje in Ondo state and the riverside areas are also doing transportation.

I know your brain would have sorted others out. Taxing, raw food movement with light trucks, fuel movement with tankers, airport taxi and even the concord that moves people at supersonic speed are all part of the T.

Now, I understand that we are talking about that part of it with large margin of error and I will show some to you.


Businesses-raw food haulage

Businesses-raw food haulage

This is cash-well but you may not know because the operators look filthy. I confess, it may not look dignifying but it vomits money.

Get a light truck, register with them at the big markets like Mile 12 in Lagos, Bodija in Ibadan. With a load, you can gross about N6000 from the women. Now do that 4 times a day, if that is not money, I do not know what is.

Ok, try and get a cow moved from the cow market to your house and see how much you will be charged. It is then you will know that it is more expensive to move animals than men.


This is more dignifying. When parcels move between companies in the cities what do you think they are doing? I call it transportation but they call it courier.

Get 2 neat bikes and riders. Let them look executive and register with corporate bodies to deliver messages for them and make your cut. Easy.

Look, the business world is outsourcing and they will be happy to pay you handsomely to take a parcel to Ikeja from Apapa without sending their driver which will of course cost them more.

With phones this biz becomes dead easy to do.


Guys may want to crucify me for this but I will be remiss in my duty if I do not include this.

Boys are making tons of money from Okada.

A young man told me in Ikorodu that he was making at least N5000 a day, Now he has his own bus which he uses to move people between Lagos Island and Ikorodu and a three bedroom flat in Ikoroku which he built from Okada.

In 10 years time he would have retired from working. And the guy is about 30 and single. Talk of seriousness and resourcefulness.

There in nothing wrong in a 23 year old graduate riding Okada to get money for a more dignifying biz later in life.

There is no excuse to stay at home, wasting 10 years of your productive life because the jobs are not there.

Create jobs for yourself. Masters holders in Europe do less honourable work.


You laugh. It gives good money and do not let them scare you about the dead doing this and that. When you are dead, you are dead.



Have a good quest car or similar one. Register with mortuaries and morgues. When the livings want to carry their dead they will call you.

When they are mourning you are counting money. It is then you will know that the dead pay more to travel.

The field is big. Go there and take a slice.

And so with that we have concluded Feet. I pray you find your feet in the world.

If an idea does not sound crazy at first, it is not worth pursuing. That was Euston, the American top of the list inventor speaking. There are some ideas in You would think are crazy. Yes they may look so but they spin money. Go visi


In this free report, I have tried to open your eyes to some business opportunities open to you and they have wide margin of errors. They are such that, even if you make genuine mistakes, you will still make money.

I have no doubt that you found the report refreshing and illuminating as many who have had the opportunity of reading it. Now do something with it.

From experience, I have found out that many youths walk with their eyes closed. Not that they physically lock the eyes up but they do not see things unless you explain it to them.

Their minds are fixated on salaried jobs. No law says you must use your degree to do salaried jobs. I will give examples.


A guy picked me on a bike one day and we got talking. As usual, he was looking for work and I asked what do we call the one he was doing.

He didn’t answer. I told him he would not be making less than #2000 a day as he owned the bike. He laughed and confessed he was not making less than #3000 a day.

I said, multiply that by 30 days in a month, you get #90,000. Now, I asked him, how  much do you get as a level 8 officer, a mere #28,000 per month  and then you transport yourself and eat.

I told him to continue and use his youth to accumulate money to build a house and establish himself in a less tedious business later.

I told him at 35 he would have done the major things a man needs to do in life. He did not collect his fare from me.


A  graduate son of a  textile trader told me he was looking for work. I asked him which work to which he replied he was looking for work at the secretariat.

Ok I said, to earn level 8 and he said yes. I told him he was not serious and that if I were him I would just take some stock from my mother and open my own shop instead of looking for #28,000 per month  job that will consume #10,000 for transportation.

He took my advice and is no more looking or work. Instead he has hired a hand.

In my book ,Profitable Small And Medium Businesses In Emerging Economy, I open the peoples  eyes to limitless opportunities in this hugely blessed country. The book is rich, really rich and should be in all houses and libraries. .

In the book, you will read how a young man built a #6m house from a business many people look down upon.

The taste of the pudding is in the eating. Yorubas say morning shows how the evening will be.

If my free report is so meaty, fleshy and rich, you can imagine how the real thing will be. If in 14 pages I have revealed so much, you can imagine what will be exposed in the book of 150 pdf pages .

I do not know how to write sales letters but I know how to tell the truth. The truth is that the book is swell. Go get yours. Honestly you need a copy.

Best of luck.

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Otunba Jide Omiyale (MBA,FCIM)

Otunba Jide Omiyale(MBA,FCIM)

Businesses That Can Never Fail Even If You Try To III

            E   IS  ENTERTAINMENT

 Ok. The other E is entertainment.

Look around you, entertainers are spoon-fed with money.

Businesses- entertainment

Businesses- entertainment

This is simple to understand. People pay more for talent than anything else. This is the reason why you will need N10m to hire Sunny Ade for a night and the same reason why Agwu, Basket Mouth and their fellow stand up comedians charge in millions for a three hour show.

The same reason why

Businesses That Can Never Fail Even If You Try To II


What is wrong with a young man running a canteen? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

Men are known to be great cooks. The first winners of food competition in this country are men.

Canteen business vomits money like faulty (kalokalo) gaming machine. But our people will not venture into it except some Igbo guys. One big advantage here is that you will feed free indirectly.



The only thing is

Businesses That Can Never Fail Even If You Try To Fail I


Nice to have you taking advantage of this write up and I assure you, you  will be glad you did. That is, by the time you have gone through it. It is full of disclosures you will surely find useful.

The title of this free report is what is referred to as writers licence. Any business can fail if not managed properly. If you fetch water  without the necessary control, you can run bankrupt.

However, I have researched some businesses one can do with a lot of margin which allows a reasonable percentage of error. Some of them you do not even need a lot of capital to start.

I call them FEET.  You cannot embark on them and regret.

Kemi Olunloyo’s Masquerade Flogged Everybody At Sight, That Is Why Nobody Is Helping Her.

Image result for nigerian masquerade


Kemi Olunloyo’s masquerade is out.In Yoruba culture, we believe that masquerades come from heaven and that they are not human beings.

That is why they cover their faces, so that even if the person inside the masquerade regalia is your father, you pretend you do not know him. As far as you know, the masquerade is ara orun {entity from heaven}

Now, masquerades have power, we believe, and they can use their whip to flog and whip anybody within reach.

But with all these powers, the masquerade knows there are some people he dare not touch with his whip.

He dares not whip a senior masquerade who is for the moment a human being because he is not in their regalia, he does not harass the moriwos (people in their masquerade fraternity, and won’t whip a babalawo and of course he has to bend down in abeyance to  the Alaagba  who is the head of the moriwos.

Please forgive me this preamble, because without it, non-Yorubas will lose the thrust of this essay

Image result for kemi Olunloyo

kemi Olunloyo

Let us continue.

Read The Book That Made Many Rich.

Usually, the masquerade is accompanied by drummers who guide him. The leading drummer tells him who to whip and who not.

Sometimes the masquerade is intoxicated with the temporal power and wants to whip an untouchable person and sometimes this may be out of ignorance, perhaps he does not know the entity.

The leading drummer warns him and halts him. The drum goes, die, die mase, maje,ki seran jije.(softly, softly don’t do it, that meat is forbidden).

The masquerade stops, turns back and continues his dancing but should he go ahead and flog such a person that could very well put an end to his outing.

During  Kemi Olunloyo’s outing, her masquerade flogged everybody at sight, moriwo, babalawo, senior masquerades, oluwo and even the Alagbaa.

That is why there is no masquerade to help her in predicament. Kemi lambasted top clergymen, thrashed ace comedians, libeled top theater practitioners, locked up her Father, as she used her brush  to tar almost anybody at sight.

This is the reason nobody is lifting a finger to help her. The little that is coming inform of support is to beg the offended man of God.

Kemi Olunloyo, 52 years, licensed pharmacist, qualified Journalist, ace face-book user and top twitter commentator has spent more than 14 days in custody and almost nobody is saying anything.

Seems the attitude of most is to let her cook in her own stew. One is tempted to ask, where is NUJ, where are the other bloggers, where are the plethora of human rights NGO.

Where are the Nigerian women to fight for one of their own? They all kept mute because Kemi, when in masquerade regalia, whipped them all.

I knew it would end like this. When you break all the commandments in the holly book, you are bound to end in perdition.

A child who is bold enough to rough handle her father and lock him up should not expect a life devoid of problems. Those who desecrate the shrine cannot expect the benevolence of the Gods.

When you offend all your friends, you will dance alone in your party which is what we are seeing here.

I can never imagine the very vocal and vibrant Nigerian press keeping silent when a person who is not yet convicted by a competent court is being paraded in prison uniform. This is sending somebody to Coventry at the highest level.

But what do you expect? The journalists who should help are either attending Redeem church of Christ or Winners Chapel whose leaders Kemi’s masquerade had flogged. They and their friend s will dare not help her. I will not be surprised if many are praying the Former Governor’s daughter rots there.

Agreed, some Christian leaders do not deserve the respect we accord them, but even atheists and non believers will give Baba Adeboye full respect.

Image result for kemi Olunloyo

kemi Olunloyo

A very humble man of God, not used to frivolity the nearest I have seen to Jesus in meekness and humility, not for him 250,000Naira dress. He is at home  with his simple Ankara and even his teachings are so simple and humble devoid of the shouts and screamings.

This Book Will Change Your Life

Now for anybody to talk evil of this man and attack him in the press is to ask for the wrath of God and humans.

This is the lesson is all this. No freedom is completely free. When the leading drum is getting too loud, it is about to burst. The deeds of past years can come to hurt you.

When Kemis masquerade was flogging these respected and respectable men of God, She was enjoying the publicity but she forgot the Yoruba adage. Omode bu Iroko, on boju wehin, ojo ti a bu oluwere  ko loluwere  npani.  (The child abuses the Iroko tree and looks back, Iroko won’t fight back that same day)

Kemi’s  masquerade went out without the drummers, perhaps they would have warned her, die, die, mase, maje, ki seran jije. {softly, softly, don’t do it, that meat is forbidden).

Comeuppance has come for Kemi, the Irokos are fighting back, but all the same, we appeal to all who have a hand in her trauma to temper justice with mercy. Ko ni se be e mo.

Otunba Jide Omiyale (MBA,FCIM)

Otunba Jide Omiyale (MBA,FCIM)

Why Your Business Name Can Kill Your Business Before It Starts

 business name

business name

Business Name is as important as the business. Your business is what you call it.

I have decided to attend to this separately because, daily I see people making the mistake of giving their businesses

Why The Grazing Bill Must Be Killed, It Is Subterfuge.

grazing bill

grazing bill

Grazing Bill Must Die. The Fulanis were not originally Nigerians. They came in through the North and displace the Hausas. Their main preoccupation is to displace their hosts and install themselves. This is why the grazing bill should die.

Leadership Change At MTN, The Implications



MTN Today. From today, 13th march 2017,  Rob Shuter takes over as the  new group CEO and president of MTN, while Godfrey Motsa commences   as Souh Africa  CEO. This comes as the embattled telecommunication giants puts a troubling past 18 months into history

Mr. Shuter joins MTN after fulfilling his responsibilities as CEO of the European cluster at the Vodafone group and brings extensive experience in the telecoms sector in Africa and Europe, as well as in financial services.

He was previously CEO of Vodafone Netherlands, CFO of the Vodacom group and held senior management roles at Standard Bank and Nedbank.

Today signals a number of senior management changes at the pan-African telco.

As Shuter comes in, current executive chairman Phuthuma Nhleko reverts back to his role of non-executive chairman. He says he will stay in this role until no later than December 2018, when he plans to step down.

Nhleko took over as executive chair in an interim capacity in early November 2015 after former group CEO Sifiso Dabengwa resigned from the post.Image result for mtn

His resignation came just two weeks after the company announced it faced a $5.2 billion (R71 billion at the time) fine from the Nigerian Communications Commission for failing to disconnect 5.1 million unregistered SIM cards in the country.

In June 2016, after months of negotiations, MTN agreed to pay $1.671 billion (R25 billion at the time) to the federal government of Nigeria, in six installments over three years, to settle the fine.


However, the damage caused by the fine will likely linger for some time and has already had a heavy impact on the group’s financial results for the 2015 and 2016 financial years.

Earlier this month, Nhleko called 2016 the “most challenging year in the company’s 22-year history” as the group reported a full-year headline loss per share of 77c, for the year ended 31 December, compared to headline earnings per share of 746c a year ago.

This despite growing group subscribers by over 3% to 240.4 million across its 22 operations in Africa and the Middle East.

Familiar faces

MTN South Africa also has a new CEO starting today, as Godfrey Motsa takes over from Mteto Nyati, who is moving on to take up the role of Altron CEO. Motsa is moving from his role as VP of MTN’s South and East Africa (SEA) region.

This book will change your life

He was previously chief officer of the consumer business unit at Vodacom and in the past also occupied the positions of CEO of Vodacom Lesotho and Vodacom DRC.

Motsa and Shuter were colleagues at Vodacom and Shuter says he is delighted Motsa is taking up the top role in SA because they have “worked well together in the past”.

MTN’s new group CFO Ralph Mupita will start early next month, leaving his post as chief executive of Old Mutual Emerging Markets.

MTN says he brings 16 years of financial services experience as well as expertise in engineering. The role became available when former CFO Brett Goschen left the telecoms operator at the end of September 2016 “to pursue other interests”.

Gunter Engling, currently acting CFO, will assume the position of deputy CFO with effect from 3 April, reporting to Mupita.

Other recent appointments include Jens Image result for mtnSchulte-Bockum, who joined the group on 16 January as group COO, replacing the retiring Jyoti Desai. Schulte-Bockum is another Vodafone hire, with his last senior role being CEO of Vodafone Germany between 2012 and 2015.

MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa.

With the post of VP of the SEA now open, current VP of the West and Central Africa region, Karl Toriola, will take on the additional responsibility of the SEA region in the interim as the group searches for Motsa’s replacement.

Eight other senior executives were appointed during 2016, including Babak Fouladi as CTIO, joining MTN from Vodafone Spain.

Growth targets

MTN’s management changes come alongside its latest transformation initiative, Ignite, which aims to improve the group’s revenue growth and accelerate the diversification of revenue streams – including more digital services.

Ignite has already been launched for MTN SA and MTN Nigeria, with plans to roll it out to all operations over time.

“With a strengthened management team in place and new initiatives embarked upon, we are confident and are resolved to enhance our competitive position across our markets and meet the aggressive targets set,” the group said in a statement as part of its latest financial results.

The telco said the new senior executives have the requisite skills to take MTN “into a new growth phase”.

After the Nigerian debacle, the group reinstated its regional vice-president positions “to ensure an extra layer of regional, operational and governance oversight”.

“At an opco level, we reviewed structures, introducing the position of chief operating officer in our large opcos to ensure increased operational oversight and coordination between commercial and technical teams is enhanced, allowing country CEOs to focus on stakeholder matters,” it said.

Read The Book That Made Many Rich.

Jide Omiyale