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Yahoo’s Hidden Golden Nuggets Internet Marketers Ignore At Their Own Peril

Yahoo has in her bowel, golden nuggets that you can rely on to launch successful marketing campaign and  best of all, they are mostly free but surprisingly many marketers are undoing themselves by not availing themselves of these opportunities.

Yahoo is much more than email.  I had spent two years on the net before I knew that Yahoo is much more than hosting email and search engine and I know there are many in this shoe.

Professional marketers, many are who do not know how to exploit the marketing opportunities in Yahoo.

Yahoo Answers alone, if used correctly over a period of  6 months can bring 300 unique visitors a day to a site.

Why doing the research on this, I discovered that one could write a hundred page essay on the internet uses of Yahoo.

Image result for yahoo home

There is a temptation to do that but too long essays bore. Therefore, I  will restrict myself to those Yahoo functions useful to internet marketers and run over the general functions.

So what and where do Yahoo cover. Here are the Major sections under Yahoo  and going through these properly, one would see that you can cover the gamut of internet marketing using only Yahoo.

Yahoo Home

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Flickr

Yahoo Tumblr

Yahoo News

Yahoo Sports

Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Celebrities

Yahoo answers

Yahoo Groups

Yahoo Mobile

Yahoo More

We will take them one after the other, write briefly on ach and point out the benefits to marketers.


Yahoo Home

On yahoo home, you have major news round the world. We are all political animals and we should know what is happening in the world.

More so as the world has become a global village. I followed the Trump and Clinton campaign on Yahoo home page and knew I was more informed than most people.

If the news is worth knowing, Yahoo will carry in on his home page.

How is the home useful to marketers?

Discerning marketers can come here and learn how headings of content are crafted as Yahoo news are written by professionals. You can also learn a lot on page arrangements and  where and how to put your photographs.

Within the news itself you will see some sponsored advertisements for big companies. Facebook for instance is a major player here.

On the right, you will see some adverts paved by companies you visited recently.

As I write from Nigeria, Nigeria sites I visited recently will appear.

For example if you visited Jumia, Konga, Jiji, recently for shopping, their advert will appear on the right. You also have some sponsored videos here too.

These advertisements are by big players but they are very effective.

Were they not so, they wont be there. Marketers with universal product can aspire to play here and benefit from the large expanse of space covered by Yahoo.

On the top right hand side you have a section for trends.

When a product is trending or a season is trending, smart marketers can set p a page and direct traffic to it from face book and other social media to make a quick kill.

Such is the amazing power of internet and social  media.


Yahoo! Search

Yahoo is the third search Engine after Google and Bing which is owned by Microsoft. This is what  Wikipedia says about Yahoo search Engine.

‘Yahoo! Search is a web search engine owned by Yahoo.Image result for yahoo search logo png

As of February 2015 it is the third largest search engine in the US by the query volume at 12.8%, after its competitors Google at 64.5% and Bing at 19.8%’

Agreed that the big G is present everywhere, but considering the size of the internet does it make sense to completely ignore 13% of it.

Intelligent marketers use Yahoo search because at times they know they do get some useful information.

One advantage for marketers is that adverts appear in photographs on Yahoo like the example below.

Yes  in search engine, Google is the market leader but wise marketers will not ignore Yahoo when doing research.


Yahoo Mail

If you are entering the internet for the first time or let us say if you are registering  your presence on the internet for the first time, you would more probably than not register for an email and Yahoo Mail will likely be it.

Here marketers have advantage because the yahoo mail platform is more common and more easy to use so marketers using email marketing will fin it more friendlyImage result for yahoo mail

There are about 4 Gmail users to 1 Yahoo but I think Yahoo mail interface is more marketer friendly. There are about 255million monthly user to Google’s 1billion.

Gmail has a daily  limit of 500  non-spamming bulk email buy Yahoo does not disclose their limit. It is a matter of trying.


Yahoo Group

Using Yahoo group for marketing is kind an old tactics but used with care you can still get some targeted visitors which is all that matters anyway.

It would have been a veritable source of traffic but spammers spilled the game for every body.Image result for yahoo group

Here is Wikipedia on Yahoo group. ‘Yahoo! Groups is one of the world’s largest collections of online discussion boards. The term Groups refers to Internet communication which is a hybrid between an electronic mailing list and a threaded Internet forum, in other words, Group messages can be read and posted by e-mail or on the Group’s webpage like a web forum.

You will need to get a yahoo ID to be a member and this is easy and free.

From that moment you can enter yahoo group to either create a group or join a group on interest.

Of course you look at the no of members to determine whether it is worth it or not.

To get the best from it, use our url as your email signature and you get some clicks.

Let your effort be manual otherwise I turns to spamming and you get banned.

Like all discussion forums, they are not to be used for commercial purposes but clever  marketers still use it to advantage.

This is how to go about it.

Join as man groups as possible on Niches you are expert in. Not a PhD, just be knowledgeable about the topic more than half of the members in the  group.

Use our url as your email signature and you get some clicks

Send email to the groups not at the same time but scattered on hourly basis.

If you have 400 groups, you can send like email an hour.

Send funny and interesting messages. No selling.

That will come naturally when they get to your site.

Yes, many of them will not read your mail but a tiny percentage of high figure email can translate to many clicks a day.

Yahoo group is good for getting email


Yahoo Answers

This is what Wikipedia says about Yahoo answers.  ‘Yahoo! Answers (formerly known as Yahoo! Q & A) is a community-driven question-and-answer (Q&A) site or a knowledge market from Yahoo! that allows users to both submit questions to be answered and answer questions asked by other users.’

That is not all. You can catch a lot of fun in Yahoo Answers.Image result for yahoo answers

There are many answer sites like Quora,, Likedln’s questions and answering but their grandfather is Yahoo answers.

Millions of questions answered and thousands added in hours.

This morning, as I type this there are more than 24 answers on  ‘how to clear blocked nose’.

One of the biggest use of Yahoo answers is to know what problems people are seeking solutions for.

You can get effective and profitable keywords on Yahoo answers from the way people ask their questions.

This is because most of the questions are long tail keywords.

Arising directly from this is that you can get good content from this site.

But our problem here is how to use yahoo answers to get traffic.

It is against Their TOS to advertise in your answers but when you get to level three you can be posting links not to affiliate pages but to your essays.

There are tactics beyond this write-up but suffice to say that the first thing you do is to make sure you get to level three which is he level you are awarded when you have acquired 1000 points.

So the steps are.

1.Registe and get yahoo ID, it is free.

  1. Use interesting username
  2. Add amusing foto.Not compulsory

And you are ready to answer questions.

When answering questions, try to add some fun and please answer only questions you are competent to answer and no advertisement.

Answer as many questions on varied subjects so that you are not seen as spammers.

There are many bots outside there to upscale but this is the surest way to get banned.

If you work hard enough you can get to 1000 points in a couple of months. From then you can  add links to your posts. And I bet, these are unique clicks. Those ready to buy.

When adding links don,t let it be like  advertisement and no overkill.

For example f you want to answer on how to remove small pox marks, you answer can be something like this.

‘Small pox marks can be removed naturally by applying a mixture of tomato juice and lemon. In addition, drink plenty of water and have a daily dosage of Vitamine E. My sister had the marks and this site helped her tremendously. You may want to check XXXXXXXXX.’ The link. Simple.

Please do not spam. Follow their TOS and do not attack the gurus on site otherwise they will ask Yahoo to ban you and Yahoo will listen to them because they have reputation.

If you have three level3 yahoo accounts,  and you are versatile you can make decent income by answering for people and linking to their site.

Properly done, Yahoo answers can give you 300 targeted residue targeted traffic a day for many years to come when done for long.

Marketers not using this platform are leaving money on the table.



Flickr of course is owned by Yahoo and offers opportunity for marketers to share photographs.

It is very easy to use whether you are an amateur or professional photographer.

It is fun especially if photography is your hobby or you deal in physical products.To exploit Flickr more, it is better you see it as a community with many active participants. Yes. It is a website but a website for community of people sharing information with photographs. Flickr has more than million visitors per month. This staggering.

How does Flickr work?

To use Flicckr you will need a Yahoo ID. It is free and as simple as that.

When you sign in, you start offloading your own pictures but  watch it.

You must load photos that are relevant to the group you are joining. For example, you do not load books on Acne in a group where they are talking music.

Loading pictures can be fun and it is relatively easy. Navigation on Flickr can also be fun.Image result for yahoo flickr

Normal practise is to have your photos in your Flickr gallery Flickr calls them a “set”,    and share them among the different groups you are interested in.

The niche you are in will decide the group to join. For example if you are a soccer fan you go to a soccer group and if computer, you can go to group such as apple.

Officially, Flickr is not for marketing but so are many social sites.

All the same smart marketers know how to go about marketing on these sites and flickr will not be different.

Flickr says you cannot use the platform for commercial purpose.

So, do not go post photos and be slamming your url. It will be against Flickr’s and Yahoo TOS.

Having said that, f you are active, your site can get indirect marketing traffic. And his is how.

  • Use Your Profile To Market Yourself

Take the largest advantage of your profile to describe yourself, your company and services the best way possible but not overkill.

Do not forget to use your company logo as Flickr icon. Make it look like you are giving information not selling.

Professionals hammer this always but it amazes how often marketers force things down the throat of customers and of course they will resist it.

  • Quality Photographs Does

Offload creative photos of products and services you deal in. A farmer will like to offload photos of his pigs.

A cake maker will offload the cakes she has made. Softly, softly, do not make the site a room for catalog of your products.

Community users will not like it that way. Let your site do that..

  • Hard-sell Will Make Enemies For You, Use Appropriate Text.

You are allowed to write text for each photo and  this is  where you can play a joker.

Describe the photo accurately but no hard sell.

Something like this. You are looking at the latest wine from the makers of xxxxx (a successful wine in the market).

Community member interested will copy your URL and paste on the browser to get to your site. Anybody who copies a URL to paste and click is interested.

  • Groups, Appropriate groups You
  • Join as many groups related to your product as possible. Whatever niche you are in, you will get a group related to it. Wine, flower, pets, your town. When you join these groups you post pictures and discuss and they get to know you.
  • Reverse Linking is It. From Your Site To Your Flickr Account
  • You will need to link to your photo stream in Flickr from your site and when you do this two things happen. First visitors to your site will get to your Flickr and see your beautiful photos and at times they are Flickr members too. They then put you as a contact which you should reciprocate if they do. When the engines crawl and see your link you get more potential matches.

6.) Be Active In The Community

Taking active part in the community is necessary. You comment on photos whether they are relevant to your groups or not, you never can tell you know.

When you see a great photo add it to your favorite. Of course you take part in discussions in your group but devoid of hard sell.

Each time you do this your screen name appears and if this is your url, you know what that means.

Thou Shall Nots

  • Thou shall not spam. It hurts badly.
  • Thou shall not stuff your photograph with linked keywords
  • Thou shall not plaster you URL on Photograph you upload.
  • Thou shall not post adverts in group discussions.


Agrreed, Flickr may not be of commercial use to service providers lke Doctors, or people selling insurance but if you deal in tangible goods  with visual elements, Flickr offers you a good opportunity to send news around and better still is fun and free.



Yahoo owns Tumblr which debuted in 2007. It is in a micro-blogging site, a social community and a blogging tool.

Hitherto no room for adverts but with time we may be experiencing some ads as parent owner drives for more revenue and profit.

Members have their own blogs on Tumblr where they posts articles, chart, with the freedom to add videos, links, quote and audio.

Just like big logs but just for short write ups. As a social media you can link your main blog to it through the social media buttons.

Dead easy to us with many functions and with a lot of latitude.

For example you can re blog another members blog with the click of a button, just as you re-tweet on twitter. You can like content  on Tumblr as you do on Facebook  and  as different from commenting on normal blog,. Tumblr works  flawlessly on all devices including mobile devices.Image result for yahoo flickr

More Tumblr Features:

Tumlr has all the functions of normal, blog. Link all your social account. RSS. You an also have static pages like normal blog and add pages like normal ordinary blogs.

Like in normal blogs you  can make some posts private and public  posts can be scheduled.

You can easily invite people to your Tumblelog as contributors and track your statistics by adding google analytics.

You can a feed with  feedburner, create your custom theme and use your own domain.

Who Is Using Tumblr?:

By 2015 there were more than 170million blogs on Tumblr with more than 20  million posts  published each day . This is what Wikipedia says of Tumblr  ‘As of April 1, 2017, Tumblr hosts over 341.8 million blogs. As of January 2016, the website had 555 million monthly visitors’  Is this not awesome.

Is Tumblr Right for You?:

If you do not need a full blown blog you may want to consider Tumblr. And if you make and publish small quick media posts especially on mobile devices, you may want to consider Tumblr.

It is a large community and that means much in marketing.

So, if twitter is too small and you cannot manage a big bog and you think Instagram is  not versatile enough, Tumblr is your best bet.

The biggest advantage to me is that, you can really get into internet business, hit the ground running with a zero budget.

Yahoo Finance

I cannot figure out how internet marketers can use Yahoo finance directly on their business but if big enough marketers can use the info on the site to build more fortune. Here is how investopedia describes Yahoo finance.

‘Whether investing independently or keeping abreast of business news, Yahoo! Finance provides an extremely competent and comprehensive offering. This intuitive site supplies the basic tools for any investor without requiring a subscription making it a go-to site for financial information. A brief summary of the layout and tools may make the experience more user friendly and help get results faster and easier.Image result for yahoo finance

The home page is riddled with current financial news and event stories, market data for the major indices, common commodity pricing, exchange rates and bond yields as well as links to other frequently used tools.

On the left side of the page is an index of links’.

Am I going to unfamiliar areas? Ok let me Pause.

I am sure clever marketers  will use Yahoo to advantage as most of the services are free.

If you have other uses of Yahoo, let us hear in comments

Otunba Jide Omiyale (MBA,FCIM)




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